Enlightening Market Intelligence for Phone Brands

Discover modern market intelligence, for phone brands

Designed from the ground-up for what market intelligence should look like in 2020.

Not Just Modern, But Better

If you have used traditional market intelligence tools like IDC, Counterpoint and GfK, you will see the difference

360 Degrees

Covers every aspect of market intelligence: sales, competitive launches, reviews, news, search trends, portfolio health, and opportunities!

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Everything updated in real-time. And sales estimates updated to 1 day before. No kidding!

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Simple as cake

Analytics tools don't have to be complex to understand, or have a user manual to go with it. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

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360-degree Intelligence

A 'sense of the market' is made up of many different dimensions. The idea is to have a dashboard that gives you a 'full view' of the market, at your fingertips

  • Sales estimates
  • Phone search trends
  • Competitive launches tracking
  • Expert reviews tracking
  • News tracking
  • Portfolio health tracking
  • Opportunities identifier
Philip Kotler
Author & Marketing Legend
“Authentic marketing is not the art of selling what you make but knowing what to make”

Real-time Intelligence

The mobile phone industry is moving at an exhiliarating pace, but the industry intelligence tools still move on a 'delayed data' model, leading to what's at best a 'post-mortem analysis'. In an era of 'Business at the speed of thought', that's a shame, and we are here to change that.

  • With Lumos, you get all data streams updated in real-time, and even sales estimates updated to 1 day before!
  • Be in the know of things, as they happen
Bill Gates
Founder, Microsoft
“A sign of a good digital nervous system is that you have middle managers empowered by the flow of specific, actionable information.”


The way we see it, when you want to encourage people to explore data, and learn things, then complexity in design is your enemy. Products should be simple and intuitive, period.

  • Lumos is designed to be used from the get-go, no learning curve required
  • Take it for a test-drive to see it for yourself!
Hans Hofmann
American-German Painter
“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

Our Credentials


We are the same team that's behind

PhoneCurry is a simple, powerful phone recommendation platform, that has helped 10 million+ Indian consumers decide which phone to buy!

Once we identified the need for a modern market intelligence tool like Lumos, we set out to build one ourselves. It's taken an year of hard work, R&D and Product Development, to create this amazing tool!



Methodology Sheet

Official documentation describing our methodologies, processes and heuristic algorithms for data collection and processing. We believe analytics products should be transparent with respect to their working. Simple as that.



Report: October 2019 Festive Sales

The Diwali season is India's biggest shopping extravaganza, with the most deals, and the most buyers. Here is a report of which Brands did well (and who didn't), during the October 2019 sales.



Report: Early 2020 Trends + Coronavirus Impact

Our latest report on what happened in Jan & Feb 2020 in the Indian Smartphone Industry. Top selling and Most searched for Brands. Plus our predictions for how the Coronavirus disruption of supply chain will impact smartphone sales in India.